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Budget Core I3 PC Computer WiFi 500GB 4GB + 1GB Graphics & Windows 7 Pro

In Short:looks Nice, Well Built, Works Straight From The Box. Bargain!

More detail: Full size, easy access, ATX case. Roomy, good air flow and excellent large (so move a lot of air quietly) cooling fans. Quality internal kit (Intel, Samsung, Seagate) all running cool (30 deg C even in 25 deg room); should last a lifetime. Runs like the wind with Office 2003 (mutiple open apps), Photoshop etc. Games (I'm a bit off the pace here): good with Oblivion, Skyrim, Bioshock et al Lots of spare drive etc space in case, excellent upgrade potential. I won't bore you with ports etc but a usb port and headphone socket on top of case is a neat touch. Supplied keyboard is a bit light and slidy but has a nice action, I'm using it for this. The mouse (despite claims on the box) I cannot get on with: if you find your cursor dithering (dancing randomy around its supposed position), it's not your computer at fault... The machine is great value on its own so to complain about a get-you-started mouse is rather nit picking and may be just a one-off. Not tried the wireless dongle yet. Customer service fine: friendly, clear, honest answers and commitments (thank you Jo :) ). Recommmend both the company and this little gem without hesitation. JohnB (Worcs.)

Budget Core I3 PC Computer WiFi 1TB 8GB + 1GB Graphics & Windows 7 Pro

Brilliant For Entry Level

I found this site after searching for a while. The price is the cheapest and great for entry level gaming. i would definitely recommend this PC for anyone who is just getting into PC gaming. PC boots very quickly and the build is very smart.

Budget Core I3 PC Computer WiFi 500GB 4GB + 1GB Graphics & Windows 7 Pro

Needs More Info

Not much into the description of which i3 model number as it could be dated... needs to display the power output as these things are important. Also nothing stating which motherboard is being used. These pieces will not leave a customer feeling a bit blindfolded. But sill very well presented none the less.

Quad Core Gaming PC Tower With WIFI & 8GB 1TB HDD + 1GB Graphics


For some reason, it will not connect to the monitor anymore, it says no signal and it's really frustrating

Quad Core Gaming PC Tower With WIFI & 8GB 1TB HDD + 1GB Graphics

Good For Price...

It is a good pc for the price you pay for it. However you can buy better custom built pc's for better prices. The mouse and keyboard that come with it are of good quality. Case is also good. I would upgrade upur graphics card to something higher spec if you want to run the modern games in hd. Overall good for the price but you can do better. Very easy to set up