Befire Black Keyboard 928 Killing Soul Black Mouse Gaming Combo
Befire Black Keyboard 9...

The Befire White Keyboard and 928 Killing Soul White Mouse is a gaming combo that has a Backlight on the keyboard and mouse, improving the look of your combo whilst you play.

The keyboard comes with multimedia capabilities, a lockable Win key and is equipped with 3 different LED backlight colours: Blue, Red, Purple and no LED. The key cap is made using ABS+PC material meaning it gives gamers superior strength and flexibility.

The mouse is equipped with seven LED colours giving the mouse an outstanding and ergonomic design. There are 4 resolution levels to choose from:800-1200-1600-2000 and the exclusive multimedia 7 function mouse keys, make your work and gaming more convenient.


  • Connection : USB
  • Cable Length : 1.8M
  • Keyboard LED Colours : Blue, Red, Purple 
  • Mouse Buttons :
  • DPI : 800, 1200, 1600, 2000
  • Mouse LED Colours : Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow

  • Great Keyboard and Mouse for anybody
  • Perfect for beginners or advanced users alike
  • Up to 3 million Keystrokes
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